The beaked whale resource is all about you!
This website is all about encouraging you to get involved with beaked whales, the most illusive of the world’s whales and dolphins!

Whether you are interested in wildlife as a hobby, love whale watching, or work with whales and dolphins for a living, we want you to enjoy this website and help us to improve it as a resource for everybody by contributing to it!

Why learn more about beaked whales?

It is amazing to think that as we begin the new Millenium there are mammals out in the ocean that weigh as much as an Indian Elephant but have rarely, if ever, been seen at sea! Yet beaked whales face a number of threats to their survival, including pollution, entanglement in fishing gear and the effects of high intensity sounds used by the military. Consequently, the requirement to learn more and raise awareness about these gracious animals in order to conserve them has never been greater, and that’s where you can get involved.

How can I contribute information?
People used to talk about seeing beaked whales as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ but as we explore our oceans we are encountering them with increasing frequency. It is even possible to see them regularly onboard some whale watching boats, such as in the Bay of Biscay, Maldives, North Carolina, Canary Islands and the Bahamas.

Cuviers Beaked Whale © Graeme Cresswell
Although beaked whales live in deep water, they have been recorded washed ashore on beaches around the world, so it is also possible to encounter them without even leaving dry land.

We know so little about these animals that even the simplest information could contribute to our knowledge. The Beaked Whale Resource would like to receive any information on beaked whales seen at sea or washed ashore, including any photographs taken.

If you have seen a beaked whale then please take the time to fill out the information in our Data Request Form and send it to us. For details on how we intend to use your sightings information, and your copyright and ownership options click here.

Making your information available
The Beaked Whale Resource is all about providing you with as much information as possible. We want this resource to be of value to anybody interested in beaked whales, including wildlife enthusiasts, sailors, schools, universities, and scientists. That’s why we intend to place as much of the sightings information that we receive on the website for you to review as possible, including maps of sightings, images, and notes on behaviour. In addition, we have created an open-access database which can be requested by any interested user.

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